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11:09 31-10-2019
Koti Deva
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14:43 11-10-2019
Yo ya'll, whoever is visiting this website still, I just got back after 2 straight years of inactivity and sadly was told that TQA died. I am somewhat back active and am looking for some of the oldies to come back and help reviving TQA in the hope to relive some old moments! I'll be visiting this site daily to check out if someone has seen this yet.

If some of you are using discord contact me through it. Lincoln#1873.

Hope to hear from ya'll, see you soon!

15:10 02-10-2019
If anyone wants to play just cintact me through insta @_jus_a_salad_
21:11 01-10-2019
Been away from sherwood dungeon just got back into Sherwood dungeon im really surprised I haven't been removed from Tqa that really surprised me
21:04 01-10-2019
Hello everyone sorry I have been so inactive I'm working now in real life
20:31 28-09-2019
Hi guys <3 xd
19:33 04-07-2019
Hey everyone
05:21 27-05-2019
Hey I’m getting back into SWD if anyone would like to be active with me ! Just at me @ItsJustKarlcx on insta
05:47 29-03-2019
Chelsea Sea
Hey everyone, I love reading that you all are remembering and coming back to the TQA website too, haha. When I was active, my name was -(Sarah)-. I can't believe it's been so long since I played this game (8 years!!) but I remember you all fondly. Those were good times! I hope you all are doing well and doing great things in the world. Best wishes!
17:42 28-02-2019
Im back after 2 years
21:07 15-02-2019
Caleb M. Perez
Hey, hope you are still connected to this website by some means haha.

I am going around contacting everyone I can who used to be a fan of Sherwood Dungeon because we need your support.

I am working alongside a long time player and fan of Sherwood Dungeon who is a game programmer. We are in the process of recreating Sherwood Dungeon and need your ideas and support to make it the next best thing.

Now, note we are not looking to steal the name or ideas from the creator of Sherwood Dungeon but we do tend to reveal Sherwood history in the game in the form of historical monuments and locations, etc. This way it won't get us screwed seeing as our numerous attempts to contact the creator to ask to buy ownership of the server has failed.

We hope to bring back the liveliness of Sherwood Dungeon in an all new version of the game called "Beyond Realms" (Indicating we are going beyond the realm of Sherwood ).

We are also seeking out further additions to our project so if you or anyone you know is an experienced programmer, game artist, animator, etc and would like to help us create this game we would love to have all of you.

Thank you! You can contact me at the email I have listed here (just in case: Hope to hear back from you and gain your support!
08:28 06-02-2019
Hello guys, I joined TQA a very very long time ago, some of you probably won't recognize my name but I was instantanious-death AKA ManOfTheWood. I haven't played SWD in years and I was wondering if there were any TQA members left and where they are. I lost my info for my old accounts so I created a new one called 'Liev-Ela'. I really miss this game, if any of the OG or even new TQA members see me around in the game don't be afraid to say hey. I'd love to catch up with each and every member of my first and only clan whiled I played
14:34 01-02-2019
Hello TQA

I joined back in 2016 and played until the summer of 2017. I recently returned and I notice that not a lot of TQA member are still online. Today I joined TO clan. I want to say thank you, 2016 was a hard year for me and Sherwood was my escape. Also thank you to sir-bert for training me in PVP.

01:30 31-01-2019
WOW i just got to thinking about you all and for all the OG members here, miss you guys and hope you are all doing well!! logged on for the first time in about 5 years lol
21:06 14-01-2019
LaNani Sundara
I have not looked on here in ages. This is the website that Leon started hosting after I closed the original TQA website. It may be 2 weeks late but let me wish you all a happy 2019. Hope you are all fine. The good old days were great and we all had a lot of fun for sure. Sadly Swd is just a shell of what it was now. I always liked to build and design and code my own things (like the Sherwood browser). Sherwood was too limiting for me. Now i design 3D objects, am developing my own OpenSimulator version, i code, i script, i build, i DJ at events I miss you all but no I do not miss the old game. I only miss the old days and those will not come back. But all of you can find me on and visit me Former enemies, old friend, even the porn obsessed weirdos who posted on this guestbook. I hold no grudges Sherwood Dungeon is my past. Want to know me in the here an now. Get on the Hyper Grid See you out there or not. And i do not hide you can visit my website at

- Nani
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